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Info: Arkanoid .

Astrology l Version: 1.0.1 | Size: 23.06MB

Developers: Terran Studio | Language: English


Once upon a time there was a nice prosperous country where people lived their peaceful life facing no troubles. They were ordinary men who could be proud country. But one day put relaxing atmosphere people's lifestyle. He met him logical reasons. , like a bolt from . country king were cursed last words astrologer. things started happening since – filled disgusting spiders, black art did a lot cities, poor people began country. What could be done powers ? Luckily, magus Astrology – was some special rare ingredients which could put evil spell. But victory long . Who able ? If you're brave enough adventures like t't frighten go ingredients . got some attempts level very carefully collecting things. Don't stop – take what on. be quick country can. Astrology . Save people from powers right now!

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